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Welcome to the "new" jabber&firewall made easy

This service provides three major features over other jabber services:

  • Our server listen on port 80 and 443, the standard web ports (non-secure and secure ports respectively). This means that you can use jabber instant messenger even if you are behind a firewall or proxy. If you can browse the web, you can use your favorite IM: jabber
  • We provide a presence service through jabber. This mean that if you are logged into you account and you want to show your presence status through your web with and icon like this: I am
  • If you can not connect on port 80, try 443. You have to specify to your jabber client that this is a secure (SSL) port. This port works for "almost" everybody. This is true for networks with port 80 cached or using a "transparente proxy" (many DSL providers).
  • An, of course, ours is a free service. Gratis!. And our compromise is to support it as much as we can completely free of any charge. And provide as many free "add on's" as possible.

Other features
It's an open jabber service,with the following key features:
  • Dedicated server
  • An E3 (34 Mb) line
  • Service available on standard 5222 port
  • Secure service available on standard 5223 port
  • Aditional service available though the web-http (80) port. So it can be accessed through proxies.
  • Secure service available on port https (443).
  • An "on-line" web presence service.
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