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2014-02-13: The accounts are back. Partially!
Finally, after much tought we decided to bring back the accounts up to the point when the spam started to be a problem. If yours it is not present, we apologize but you will need to register again. Remember, thoug, than now the registration has to be from the web page.
2014-02-08: We are back
I guess I need to explain many things... and I will. For now, the system is working. And the account? Well, the reason the system wen down was the "huge" amount of sing-ups we were having. Thousands per day. I do not know if it worth to recover them.
2008-03-26: Memory upgrade
Finally, after lots of testing, we did the scheduled memory upgrade on 2008-03-26. At current growth, though, we will need a new system soon. We'll see.
2008-03-03: Scheduled manteinance
Next saturday, March 8 2008, at around noon the system will be shut down to perform a system upgrade, to install new memory.
We hope to be offline around half an hour if everything works as planned.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
2008-01-07: The "all new"
We have done plenty of changes, some of which need user actions. Please read on.
  • The most important change was the switch to Ejabberd server software. Most of the data was moved from the old database. You need to update your rosters, since some of them now appears duplicate. Also you need to update your vCard.
  • The "presence" service is new. Now we use the web-presence module for ejabberd, and consequently the urls are different. In the "Service Discovery" you can show your presence and you can get from there the urls to show. The old Edgar service will be around for some time. Please upgrade your links as soon as possible.
  • By popular demmand, we have installed gateways to other networks, to help people that can not use them directly.
  • 2007-11-18: New software

    After many months with no failures, we end up with a soft problem that were unable to track down, so we started from scract and reinstall a new system with kernel 2.6, a new version of the server and now we are ready to add gateways to other services. Right now there is a gateway to msn/hotmail ( in test mode.

    2006-08-09: Re-location of the server

    We finish today the re-location of our server. This is why you have seen several failures all over the weekend and on up to today. Some though were due to a non-recording statistics, so the downtime has actually been shorter.
    Anyway, the server is up again and hopefuly for a long long time. As you can see this update comes one full year later from the previous. During all this time we had a reliable, almost 100% uptime server.

    2005-08-25: A fast and reliable server

    We finaly can say we have got a fast and reliable server. It has been now for over 6 months with no a major failure. We suffered the reported dos attack, that did not broouth the service completely down, and a minor bunch of other small problems, most of them not even noticeable to users. For the records, you can check our reliability here.

    2005-07-01: DOS attack

    We suffered a DOS (denial of service) attack which made our entire network to fail. We target of the attack was the IRC server. It took a couple of hours to solve the problem.

    2005-05-04: New server - Old hardware

    We have update the server to the newest server software. We also moved the server to our old, highly stable IBM hardware, since the HP hardware we have been using for the last 4 months was a nightmare. The soft is now working for 5 days with no a single down-count. Linux users, though, may experienced some problems when using port 80. Windows clients were fine. Those problems are now solved and all clients are fine. As usual, you can report problems.

    If everyting goes fine, we plan to add chat-rooms and more goodies.

    2005-01-18: New server

    After more than a month of testing, we finally brought up into production the new server. New software and hardware. The software seem to have corrected the stability problems that had the previous version, due to some windows clients. You may doubt it, but still "some" people use windows.

    The new hardware is ready to accept the new services that we want to implement and offer in the near future. Actually the idea was to start them up with this new software, but has not been possible. :(

    2004-09-18: Power failure

    In agreement with the rest of the western countries, we suffered a major power failure, longer than the UPS back-up time and consequently the system went down. Officially... nobody ws responsible. We knew that beforehand, though.

    2004-08-01: New web and presence service

    You have seen it: a new look. The LtNuke content manager that we were using was nice, but now we feel we need more freedom.

    But the most important is that, finally, the presence service, the one which let web user know if you are logged into your jabber account, is now running. We are using edgar. We had to investigate a lot to see why it was not running on our jabberd2 environment, and finally is up and running.

    We have setted up, also, a system that allows the interaction with web users.

    Upcoming is a web page to change passwords.

    Any ideas? I am...

    2004-06-23: hard disk crash

    On Jun 23 we suffered a major breakage: the main hard disk failed with no possible recoverage. Consequently the system went completely down.

    It took us 2 hours to recover from the backups. We used another server, the news server, which has a high load and consequently during 2 days the system has been a little bit unstable.

    Also,since we have to recover a daily backup, it is possible that some data, registrations, might be lost. We apologize about that.

    Now we have the system "back home" under a new fresh linusx distribution. We will not install the gateways to msn, yahoo and icq because it was the source of some instabilities. So, those of who need them, please use Gaim.

    We hope that soon the applets will be back. The important, the most important is the system and we hope now it is fully configured.

    2004-02-05: debuts

    We finally decided to make it public. We are now several week monitoring the setup and everything seems to be Ok. We hope you enjoy.

    The system is based on jabberd2. We have even include a gateway to other networks, like Icq, Msn and Yahoo. These has been setted up, as decribed, as services running under jabberd1.4. We belive that this is not the "ideal" setup and we believe that some of the crashes are due to this. We will see and let you know.

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