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Jabber clients and configuration

If you have a Mac and want to use iChat to connect to the Jabber (xmpp) network, please follow the iChat jabber configuration page.

I, myself, use Psi in my Macs, and my coleagues use it Windows environments. According to their web page it can be used in Linux too. I advice you, though, to use the jabber client included with your distro since that way you will be updated whever it (the distibution) is updated. For us, Psi has all the features you may require, even administrative functions. It is, also, a very active project with new versions every now and then. You can download it from this link

Beside Psi, there are other software that can be found in the the clients page.

To configure Psi to use port 80, you have to open the "Modify account" option menu:

In the conection tab, you check "Manually Specify Server Host/Port" and in there type In the Port field you type either 80 or 443. I recomend to use 443 since it works more often and it is encrypted. If you choose 443, then you have to select, in Encrypt Conection -> Legacy SSl, as shown.

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