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Configuring iChat to connect to Jabber and bypass firewalls

If you want to use the Mac OSX built in jabber client "ichat" and you want to use to avoid the firewall or proxy, then you should follow these instructions:

From the main menu, choose iChat->Preferences

In the Accounts tab, choose add a new account (+):

From the Account Type, choose "Jabber Account":

Now fill the data with your account. Remember that you have to use your own data. The data shown on the image are my personal data:

Now choose "Server Settings" and fill in as shown: Server has to be; port 80; Uncheck using SSL

You now have a fully functional account. Please note that the MSN gateway is active and one contact of mine was online at the time of taking the screen-shot. No one ICQ contact was online, so none is shown.

As usual, any doubts or questions, please mail me:

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