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What is Jabber?
Jabber is an open source Instant Messging (IM) system based on XML. It is similar to ICQ, M$N Messenger or Yahoo Messenger. Unlike the other IMs, in Jabber there are hundreds of servers that behave as a unique system much like the e-mail world. You have your own mail server but are able to send and receive from anybody on the internet. There are no central servers, it is not proprietary. By itself it is pure internet: open and free. One of its properties is the ability to exchange instant messages with other systems and consequently communicate with users of such. So you may create you own personalised environment.

What is jabber80? is a jabber server on port 80, useful for those users that are "jailed" on offices with firewalls or proxies. It is available for free.

How to use it?
Just configure your client to use:

Port: 80

If you want to look to an example on how to configure Psi (a multiplatform client for Mac, Linux and windows), follow the link.

If you want to start to use Jabber rigth you can do it using your web browser. Open a new window with jabber client on a browser .

It's an open jabber service,with the following key features:

  • Dedicated server
  • An E3 (34 Mb) line
  • Service available on standard 5222 port
  • Secure service available on standard 5223 port
  • Aditional service available though the web-http (80) port. So it can be accessed through proxies.
  • Secure service available on port https (443).
  • A service to show on the web if you are "on line": web-presence
  • Avalilable for free. Gratis!

Are you looking for agateway to Yahoo, Icq & M$n networks?
By popular demand, we installed a Msn and Icq gateways, so people behing firewalls and routers can connect to friends on this IM system.
Although we provide the gateway services, I still think what I wrote years ago: jabber, as described in it was not developed to be a "common place" for all the networks. So, if you happen to have friends using such "things", then you can:

  • Try to convince the to use jabber
  • If the above is not aplicable, then..
  • On Windos, use Pidgin, a multiprotocol PIM-software where your account to jabber as well as the "others" can be used simultaneously.
  • For Mac use AdiumX also a multiprotocol jabber client for Mac. Available for Intel Macs. I use a jabber-only client: Psi. As you know, Mac OSX includes a jabber client: iChat. The configuration, though, is not straightforward, so, if you want to use iChat as your jabber client visit the iChat jabber configuration page.
  • For Linux.... Too many options to list. Each distribution choose a different one, but all of them have a jabber client.

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