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Please note: since Jan 2008 this service has change and you need to update your urls.

You have seen it on other IM networks: you can show your web clients if you are "online" or "offline". Now this is also possible using you account because we have implemented a modification of the edgar bot to use it under ejabberd2.

Apart from tech issues, to use it you only need:
- a account
- within your jabber client, choose Service Discovery and register the WebPresence with your favorite iconset.
- and to insert a line into you html source.
For example, me, mlvp30 is now .

Now, the image that appears on the web-page depends upon the configuration of the WebPresence service and the settings you choose when you register. In the pop-up menu, you can select among many iconsets. Some of them are shown below. Screenshots of the configuration can be found here.

Iconset Available Free For Chat Away DND Not Available Offline
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