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Jabber on the web: applets jabber clients

You may want, for example, add customer support or web interaction or whatever using your favorite IM: jabber. Together with the presence service, we think is an ideal system for these: you show your users if you are "on line" and provide a means to them to talk to you.

Here is an example on how to configue the applet on you web:

"Hello, I am the systema manager responsible for Now I am: "

If you want to talk to me, ask a question, suggest an idea "right now" you can click here and an already configured jabber service will come up with me already added as a contact and redy to talk to you."

If you want to use this in your system, you just need to create an acount in for the "web bot" and then configure an html page to use JabberApplet with the username and password of that acoount. Thats it.

If this is too complex, then I may help you hosting a web page with the appropriate code.

If you do not want to install any soft in you computer, or you want to use your own account because you are away from your main system, the you can use the Candy Web Client .

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